Sunday, August 28, 2011

Since the East Coast is a mess, Lets focus todays play on the Pacific Classic at delmar today

#9 Game on Dude (3-1) is a horse that we have high on our charts... This horse has battled some of the most amazing finishes and "Game" efforts that We have ever seen on the race course. Going to go ahead and stick with our boy here and hope he captures the biggest race of his already impressive career.

100$ win game on dude

We will also reveal one of our more profitable templates used for the Trifecta. We call it the "3-4-3 bleed". Where we have 3 horse in the first spot,, and we take the same 3 and put them in third. In the middle we bleed one horse in all 3 spots," that's the bleed", then we add 3 random horses with the bleed horse, giving us a total of 4 horses in the middle." This style of wager lets you play with more horses, and saves you money in doing so. Instead of just boxing horse and spending alot more for your play. A typical 1$, 3-4-3 bleed costs just 20$, using 6!! horses.

2$ tri 9,10,2 w 9,1,3,4 w 9,10,2 cost 40$ Good Luck

check back later for mondays play at the spa..

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