Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Hump Day Play at Belmont

Race 5
Turf: #3 Festive Spirit ML 6-1
Alternate: #8 News Pending ML 7/2

Race 6
Dirt: #2 Truffles ML 5/1
Alternate: #12 le Grande Fromage ML 10-1

Race 7
Turf: #5 beautiful Nightmare ML 8/1
Alternate: #4 Gambling Gernaldine ML 3/1

Race 8

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bombs Away in the 2YO Turf Mile

After doing some homework and searching for value Trainer Wolfston and #11 Ann of the Dance 30-1 is in top form and could be sitting on a huge effort,, like the surface switch and breeding with her. She's also working well and could blow up the board in a big way in this spot here tomorrow. 20$ win place, 50$ show

Monday, October 31, 2011

Breeders cup prelude

Fridays Breeders Cup early leans

Race 1)Our Rock Star, Grand Traverse

Race 2)Congo, Bonaroo

Race 3) Equestrio, Mister Marti Gras

Race 4) Wine Police, Free Entry

Race 5)Blacky the Bull, Vextor

Race 6)Dayatthespa, Sweet Cat

Race 7) Turbulent Decsent, Shotgun Gulch

Race 8) wemissfrankie, my miss aurileia

Race 9) Announce, Stacelita

Race 10) Plum Pretty, Royal Delta

Race 11)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Opening Day at Churchill On Wednesday

Took a look at the program for Wednesday at Churchill Downs and couldn't help to notice a horse In race 7 at 12-1. The #2 Bobby S Supports two local bullet works and has a nice favorable post in this 6 furlong Jaunt. His lone career start featured 2 next out winners, and that race should have served him purpose as marked improvent is expected. 20$ win place show

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fridays Chrystals Ball

Race 5
Turf: #6 Tu si Puzzo ML 8-1
Alternate: #7 Same ole Wish ML 7/2

Race 6
Dirt: #2 Sweet away ML 20/1
Alternate: #1 Di colas officer ML 7/2

Race 7
Turf: #3 JW Blue ML 6/1
Alternate: #1 Skyblazer ML 12/1

Race 8

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hump Day Play at Belmont

Race 5
Turf: #6 Rodinia ML 5-1
Alternate: #2 Sparks will fly ML 5/2

Race 6
Dirt: #8 Rockstar Royality ML 6/1
Alternate: #5 Sky Hoysoya ML 7/2

Race 7
Turf: #1 Chessrate 15/1
Alternate: #3 Tiana ML 4/1

Race 8

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fridays Happy Hour Play

Race 5
Turf: #9 Strong Impact ML 7/2
Alternate: #1 Isntlovegrand ML 10/1

Race 6
Turf: #1/1a Lady Vi/ Nurse Dolce ML 12/1
Alternate: #5 Karakorum Elektra ML 5/2

Race 7
Turf: #1 Persky's Heart 30/1
Alternate: #4 She drives me wild ML 4/1

Race 8

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wish we posted Sunday's play

I took a shot Sunday and stroked the biggest Grandslam that I've ever seen been a part of, cashing a whopping 1,575.00 $$$ !!!! Here's how I did it. In the first leg i decided to go against all odds and play a 3rd time starter #1 Ready Signal, who really hasn't showed much beyer wise, What he did have though was tremendous value as he kicked off at 35-1, and ended up winning the race paying 75$ TO WIN. The horse however did have troubled trips in both of his starts and flashed a bid turning for home in his last before finding himself behing a wall of horses. This was the ultimate key in my wager as the second and third place finishers in this race were also at big odds. This esentially elimminated two thirds of all grandslam tickets that were made that day.

In the second leg I took the heavy chalk #8 Notella (8/5) who easily placed. The other thing that benefited me in this leg is there was another 75.00$ winner and another good odds horse that showed. Meaning that even more tickets were eliminated despite having the bandwagon horse being in the money.

The third leg was basic as two chalks finished in the money, and luckily i had one of them.

The Final leg I had hit the All button as usual and was hoping for a bomb. I loved the #7 Bad Debt (8-1) as a had him to win as my back up wager. Who did actually won the race as a 18$ winner. The funny thing is that i didnt even watch any of these races as i was out at the bar watching the football games. I was checking results on my droid and finally got the call from my brother in law about my pay day. I'll never forget that feeeling i got on that say :) ... pozz

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belmont Race 5 Grandslam Template Race 6

$5 Grandslam Template

Race 6 
Turf: #4 Mystic Mama ML 7/2
Alternate: #2 Caps Lady ML 6/1

Dirt: Street #11 Savy ML 5/2
Alternate: #12 Lady Cohiba ML 3/1

Race 7
Turf: #2 Withalittlebit ML 4/1
Alternate: #6 Willfully ML 10/1

Dirt: #11 My Unbridled Storm ML 5/1
Alternate: #7 Nobu Baby ML 12/1

Race 8
#5 Primal Baby ML 6/1
Alternate: #2 Red Hot Baby ML 15/1

Race 9
Turf:  ALL
Dirt:  ALL

Cost: $45 (assumes 9 horse field)

Side Bet Race 8
$15 WPS #5 Primal Baby.....Englehart has numbers with horses off long layoffs, 2 bullet works over the Belmont dirt, and exits a race which produced multiple winners next out
$10 SHOW #2 Red Hot Baby

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Saturday at Keenland


Race 9
(Grade 1) Features 3yo phillies going 1 mile 1/8 one the turf, in the renewal of the QUEII cup for 400,000. Brilliant philly Winter Memories (9/5)who is coming off one of her best performances seeks another big late kick rally and Grade one win. Were Putting 50$ to win on this ole girl as she is in top form and has become one of favorite horses to route for.

Race 6
#3 Relinquere (12-1) Sports two local bullets and attracts hot rider Prado for his second career start. Like this colt to grab the lead early and wire this group here today. 20$ WPS


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Belmont play

4$ Grandslam Template

Race 5
#3 Synthesizer Ml 3-1
Alternate: #6 Imageof Disco ML 6-1

Race 6
#1/1A Those loin eyes/ Lady VI ML 3-1
Alternate; #8 Stellaluce 8-1 ML

Race 7
#9 Zaahy ML 8-1
Alternate: #1 dax ML 8-1

Race 8

leave the back door open with a 1$ all bombs play
r5-#8 american Buffalo 8-1
r6 #3 for the love of anna 15-1
r7 #10 Skinny peter 5-1
r8 all

good luck

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keenland Play

the woodford

Keenland race 5 looks like to have good payout potential. 5 1/2 furlong turf sprint

simply boxin 3-7-10-4-2 2$ trifecta for 120$ Goodluck

Belemont play Race 2 #4 Windfall 20$ win place

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday's play

Hopefully they can get back on the grass

4$ Grandslam Template

Race 5
#5 Sky Fever Ml 6-1
Alternate: #8 Gin Cat ML 3-1

Race 6
#7 Lime Zest ML 7-1
Alternate; #3 Greely's Law 5-1 ML

Race 7
#1/1a Liston/Bakhoor ML 12-1
Alternate: #9 Dynafortwo ML 5-1

Race 8
Alternate: NONE
* separate wager singling #8 Foralltheglory Ml 8-1 in Race 8 5$ grandslam


Today's Grandslam Paid 650$

Didn't get a chance to post our Play this morning after having a computer situation. Wish we have, I personally did it for a 1$ wager and got half of 650.00!! :) The sunny day at Belmont still had its races taken off the turf, and saw many scratches throughout the card. so it looked as if the Grandslam would be chalky leading up to a low payout. However come race 6 the second leg of the wager, the heavy favorite failed to finish in the money, which cut out alot of tickets. Then in r8 (the last leg)tudor King came rolling down the lane at big odds giving the grandslam it;s big pay out.

Keenland Getting Ready to open Friday, stay tuned for Grand opening play

Friday, September 30, 2011

Belmont Race 5 All Graded Stakes Grandslam Template

$20 Grandslam Template

Race 5
#4 Aruna 5-1
Alternate: #3 Emerald Beech ML 3-1

Race 6
#5 Winchester ML 2-1
Alternate; #2 Teaks Norths

Race 7 
#6 Big Drama ML 2-1
Alternate: #2 Force Freeze ML 20-1

Race 8
#2 Jackson Bend ML 5-2
#3 Uncle Mo ML 4-5
#5 Sangaree ML 6-1
Alternate: NONE

Cost: $60

Side Bet Race 7: 
$40 Show #2 Force Freeze ML 20-1....Monster Workouts

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belmont Race Five Grandslam Template

Side note: Santa Anita is offering a SHOWVISOR SURVIVOR CONTEST starting 09-30-2011.  Rules are simple, pick a horse that you believe will in in the money (W/P/S) everyday.  Lose and your eliminated, last man/woman standing wins $3000.  Rules may be simple but its not as easy as it sounds, choose wisely.  Chalk isn't always the best option on some days.  Here's the link if anyone is interested: http://showvivor.santaanita.com/index.php.


#8 Power King ML 8/1
Scratch Alternate: #2 Endless Cirlce ML 7/2

#9 Wet One (IRE) ML 7/2
Scratch Alternate: #1 Caution Sign ML 4/1

#8 Big Jerome ML 7/2
Scratch Alternate: Lawdy Me ML 6/1


Cost: $60

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Added Play/ Selection Scratched

* #7 Scratched, and race has been taken off turf,, just gonna take that 50$ and put it on the 2 to show,,, 3mtp,, goodluck

Race 4 Features 3yo fillies and Mares sprinting 6F on the Turf Course... A couple interesting horses in this race seem poised to make some noise. #7 Frothy Market (6-1) simply has figures that can trouce this field, and at (6-1) he's a must use and possible key in some of out exotic wagers. Fist time Starter #2 Awsome Natasha (20-1) is outta a win early Sire and can fire Big in her fist try favoring the rail in this spot,

The Play

Race 4 Turf Only:

going to Key #7
5$ Quinella Wheel : 7 with 2-6-9-10 20$


2$ Trifecta: 7-5-6 w 7-2-10-9 w 7-5-6-12 30$

Belmont Race Five Grandslam Template for 09-29-2011

$5 Grandslam Template 

Race 5
#8 Our Favorite ML 5-2
Scratch Alternate: #6 City Look ML 3-1

Race 6 Turf Only
#2 Chyhryrn ML 4-1
Scratch Alternate: #4 All Navy ML 6-1

Race 7 Turf Only
#5 Loyal Shadow ML 10-1
Scratch Alternate: #8 Karakorum Elektra ML 7-2

Race 8 Turf Only

Cost: $50.00

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 28th Play at Beutiful Belmont Park

After seeing some nice payouts in the Grandslam department, and being part of those payouts why not kick off this racing week off with a nice heavy handed play to keep this momentum going.

5$ Grandslam

Race 5) #8 Sunshine Rambler (8-1)

Race 6) #1 Sinatra (7/2)

Race 7) $7 Gossip Column (6-1)

Race 8) All


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belmont Race 5 Grandslam Template

Starting a GS with a 6F turf sprint for maiden 2 YO's followed by another 2 YO dirt sprint  is always a recipe for disaster, but I will take a stab at it.  Yesterdays GS, paid a nice $200 when Deciphering Dreams took down Cookram Road.  Will up the ante a little and do a $4 GS . Here goes:

Race 5 Turf Only
#2 Image of Disco ML 12/1

Race 6
#9 U Ought to Know ML 10/1

Race 7
#4 Best Actor ML 6/1

Race 8:

Cost: $44

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belmont Race Five All Turf Grandslam Template

Fun little bet my running  buddy slash brother in law got me into this spring, the grandslam.  Pick a horse to be in the money (win or place or show) in the first 3 legs of the bet and hit the grandslam in the final, i.e pick the winner in the final leg.  Payouts can vary from dismal to cha ching.  Our strategy has been to go semi chalk to mid range odds in the 1st three legs and hit the ALL button in the 4th leg, praying for a BOMB to take it home.  We would also do a 2nd ticket with a majority of the wager with long odds horses and leaving the projected heavy favorite out in the final leg but only do it for a $1 payout ticket.  Our best hit came at the end of the spring Belmont meet when Hooligans Delight hit the grandslam at 25 to 1 and cashed us $500 ticket and also a few at Toga that paid in the low $200's.  Overall its an inexpensive bet that is tons of fun. BEN

Race 5: #7 Wholelottashakin ML 7/2
Race 6: #7 Magnificent Moon ML 6/1
Race 7: #8 Gathering Cloud ML 7/2
Race 8: ALL
Cost: $20

Race 5: #4 Court of Dreams ML 10/1
Race 6: #4 Rugged Rascal ML 20/1
Race 7: #5 Unaccountable ML 9/2
Race 8: ALL but #8 Cookram Rock ML 8/5
Cost: $9

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

college game day plays

figured we'd post out college plays today,, and keep track and see if our roi can stay on point with the college ball...


mich st + 5 vs nd
temple + 7 vs penn. st
org -53 "lol" vs. missori st
tex -3 at ucla
okl at fsu over 55

will post nfl plays tomorrow

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fridays Happy Hour Play

r8 at belmont draws an interesting fielf to do battle going 6 furlongs on the inner turf. #4 Duke of Naples (6-1) has an solid inproving beyer edge on this group. Levine's barn is hot as he captured two more wins on yesterdays card. Look for him to net his third as Cohen scores this boy home. Play 50$ win ..

backdoor insuranse play: 2$ trifecta 2-5 w 4 -1 w 4-2-5-1-6


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday's play

R8 features 12 colts going 6f on the lawn. #2 kipper's n eggs (8-1) looks to be sitting on huge effort as he will benefit from the speed favoring post position. We like the spacing between races the trainer is using and is freshened up to run a big try in thurdays sprint. going to go 20$ win place.

grandslam play

r5 3
r6 6
r7 2
r8 All


Garden city Stakes on Saturday


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday's Belmont play

Racing action continues tomorrow in ny as Belmont sizes up an interesting 9 race card. Race 8 features 12 fillies and mares going six on the grass. #6 queens or better (3-1) has ran good enough in the past to blow past this field. However looking at his racing patteren, were thinking she's due for a bounced effort, which makes this race and value increase tremendously.. Were going to wheel a tri and exacta in this spot and hope to hit big at Belmont tomorrow

2$ TRI

11-1 WiTH 6 9 11 5 WITH 6 9 1 5 4



r5 3
r6 4
r7 7
r8 all

Friday, September 9, 2011

Opening Day belmont play for Saturday

Race 5
features colts going 6 furlongs on the weeds. depending on whether or not this stays on the grass will dictate this play, especially after all the rain ny has been getting this past week. If it does stay on the green we are throwing 50 place/show on #8 Papa Bear ml (6-1). This older proven colt is in a good spot facing weeker. He has also had great runs at Belmont before that would trounce this bunch.

grnadslam play of the day is

R6 #7 Drinkoftheday
R7 #9 Don't fool Huidini
R8 #2 Saint Honore
R9 all

4$ for 28$ good luck

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jackson Bend in the winners circle after winning this years Forego

Great Meet of racing closes their gates

A Great 40 days have come to an end, as another racing season at historic Saratoga closes its gates till next July. Overall we are up on our investments this year at the spa. We are going to try and keep up the smart plays and confidence as we shift our attention to fall racing down at beutiful Belmont park. Which opens up this Friday, so stay tuned for plays towards the end of the week. Till then have a good week, and thanks for stopping by.
- Top of the Stretch Crew

todays finale play

Race 3
7- REACH A DECISION- Got a good educational run when finishing 3rd in his career debut going one mile on dirt in May. Was moved to the turf and stretched out to 1 3/16 miles for his second career start where he tracked in second before taking over the lead sooner than he wanted to when the leader bore out up the backstretch but was able to hold sway the rest of the way for the nice score 7/29. Moves back to the dirt in this 1 1/8 miles 1x allowance for his first try with winners and an off track shouldn't bother him. Should prove a tough foe once again this afternoon.

Exotics with-

A- 2- Katz My Song, 8- Cease

B- 5- Thunder Chief

Saturday, September 3, 2011

5 star play for the first time this meet tomorrow...


race6) #11 Pianist (4-1)
is a first time starter, but is expected to run big tomorrow for Chad Brown. Castellano gets the mount, as he is on a mission from god to capture the Saratoga riding title this year from rival rider Johnny Velasquez. Not getting to Fancy on this one,, 50$ win Place,, Goodluck

r8 9
r9 8
r10 3
r11 all

A big congrats to Harve De Grace

What a stretch run to hold off the colts this afternoon. This will be remembered for years to come. Harve De Grace next stop Breeders Cup ....

tribute to Rachel Alexandra as she Won the Woodward against the boys in 2009

All grade 1 pick 3 today at the spa

R8 #3 pachattack
R9 #2 sidneys candy
R10 # 6 harve de grace

This is our logical pick three but we gonna through in some other live horses to give our play some insurance

R8) 3-5
R9) 2-3-4-8
R10) 5-6-7

2$ pick 3 costs 48$. Good luck

Grand slam
R8) 3
R9) 2
R10) 6
R11) 1

50$ straight.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

race4 #8 up in lights, cashes for us today,, and our grandslam yet hits again

dare i say were a bit hot ... :)

# 8 Up in Lights - R. Albarado - $6.70 times 50 = $335.00

Gradslam returns 75.00$$$

total $410.00

Race 4 bomb alert

race4 #8 Up in the lights (20-1) 100$ to show


r7 3
r8 6
r9 4
r10 all

for 5$ good luck today at the Spa

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Risky Rachel cashes in at the Spa

Risky Rachel R. Dominguez $7.50 $4.00 $2.80

giving us a return of $75.00

added play

race 10) #10 knysna (12-1)ml is live in this sprint on the lawn.... 25$ wps 75$ goodluck

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waiting for the Travers

Risky Rachel in the 9th tomorrow

Race 9 #5 Risky Rachel nice bullet work for hot trainer Bond,, we'll be seeing her in the Winner Circle.... 20$ to win

tomorrow's GrandSlam could be a nice one as the feilds are deep. Starting with race 7 -race 10..

r7 5
r8 8
r9 5
r10 all

2$ play , total cost 22$

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shackleford and Stay Thirsty leading the charge at the top of the stretch

Since the East Coast is a mess, Lets focus todays play on the Pacific Classic at delmar today

#9 Game on Dude (3-1) is a horse that we have high on our charts... This horse has battled some of the most amazing finishes and "Game" efforts that We have ever seen on the race course. Going to go ahead and stick with our boy here and hope he captures the biggest race of his already impressive career.

100$ win game on dude

We will also reveal one of our more profitable templates used for the Trifecta. We call it the "3-4-3 bleed". Where we have 3 horse in the first spot,, and we take the same 3 and put them in third. In the middle we bleed one horse in all 3 spots," that's the bleed", then we add 3 random horses with the bleed horse, giving us a total of 4 horses in the middle." This style of wager lets you play with more horses, and saves you money in doing so. Instead of just boxing horse and spending alot more for your play. A typical 1$, 3-4-3 bleed costs just 20$, using 6!! horses.

2$ tri 9,10,2 w 9,1,3,4 w 9,10,2 cost 40$ Good Luck

check back later for mondays play at the spa..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Race 1 Saratoga #6 Rein King

 #6 Rein King ML 15-1, steps up to a $62K allowance after a long layoff coming off a nice win at the Big-A.  Has hit the board in 4 outta last 5 starts and sports some nice local bullets over the main track and the Oklahoma training.  Trainer Terranova is having an above par meet and has some good numbers with horses off the layoff.  Not convinced this 4 year colt out of Roman Ruler can win, #1 MIneswept/1A Shrewd One, #3 Global Power, and #10 Keep Me Informed will probably take the win spot.  But he can offer some nice value as a heavy handed PLACE and SHOW bet.

$20 PLACE #6
$30 SHOW #6

todays grandslam

6 w 4w 4w all 22$ 5mtp

Pick em

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Calm before the Storm play at the Spa Friday

Fridays forecast is sun!! :),, so lets zero in on one of the better betting races that i've seen this meet so far in Saratoga. Race 9 is the Bernard Baruch H. (Grade II)Purse $200,000. A Handicap For Three Year Olds And Upward. One And One Eighth Miles. (Turf) #11 Get Stormy (3-1) looks to be the one to beat as he has had tremendous success in toga. He will indeed be over bet, which has us looking for some value. #1 Interaction (10-1) is a shipper from Argentina who has a G3 under his belt where he got beat an even 4th. He trainer Chris Clement is one of the best at getting foreign horses acclimated to the american soil. #2 Tuallure (10-1) has some buried figures that put him in the mix as well, leparoux up,,

the play ..5$ ex wheel 1-2 with 11 and 5$ ex 11 with 1-2 1$

tri box (1-2-7-8) 24$

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednsday's toga play

The Grandslams have been a bit chalky,, but we look at that as it being time to catch a good one,, going to post one of those and a heavy handed pick three,,

r6 3
r7 4
r8 5
r9 all

5$ grandslam 50$

pick 3

r1 4-7
r2 8-5-3
r3 1-2

2$ pick 3 24$

Goodluck tomorrow

Can You spot Winter Memories ?!?!?!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hooligans Delight scratched at the Spa

Every year their seems to be that one longshot horse that seems to come in for ya when you need it."slambino, adk. warrior, Mr hooker over the past years".. This years bomb who has brought great fortune to us has been Hooligans Delight. He will be racing tomorrow in Race 6 as the #3 horse at odds of 10-1. Not the odds were used to seeing as he has cashed in at 33-1, and 25-1 most recently. However we believe in sticking to your guns, as he'll be our key horse in our Grandslam wager, and our 20$ WPS play.

* new * grandslam:

r6 13*
r7 1
r8 4
r9 all

10*$ grandslam 70$

20$ wps r6) #3 *cancelled goodluck

Hungary Island Before upetting winter memories on the boggy turf corse

play of the day

Nothing fancy today goin 20$ wps on #3 those wer the days in race1 at satatoga .8-21-11 goodluck

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saratoga Race Course and NYRA are offering an ALL Fillies & Mare card today in Awareness of Breast Cancer.  Great cause at a great track.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will bless this cause with some sun rays and keep the turf firm.  So come on out, break out the pink sport coat and meet us at the Top of the Stretch.  

#2 Mystic City ML 8-1
#4 Gitchee Goomie ML 2-1
#7 Rogue's Jewel ML 6-1
#9 Frivolous Buck ML 5-1
Scratch Alternate(s): #1 Exclusive Scheme ML 8-1, #6 Paraiba ML 4-1 (order of preference) 

#6 Ms Diller ML 6-1
#8 Always a Party ML 5-2
#9 Unknown Wonder ML 10-1
#13-AE Persky's Heart ML 15-1 
Scratch Alternates(s): #4 Stellars Theory ML 15-1,  #12-AE Copious Notes ML 12-1 (order of preference)

#3 Rajadesaminaux ML 5-1
#7 Lemons to Lemonade ML 7-2
#9 Feel What's Real ML 15-1
#11-AE Virtuously ML 5-2 
Scratch Alternate(s): #1 Miraculum ML 12-1, #8 Queen for Life ML 8-1 (order of preference)

TURF $1.00 Pick-3: 2,4,7,9/6,8,9,13/3,7,9,11 = $64.00

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's Grandslam play

R6) 8
R7) 10
R8)  2

5$ Grandslam total cost 40$  Good Luck!!

Bomb alert in todays 9th at the spa

#6 writingonthewall (12-1) is steadily on the rise and is in a good spot to steal one here for us today. 30$ WIN PLACE total 60$

Monday, August 15, 2011

looking ahead to wednesday,,at the track

looking at the weather forecast, Wednesday seems to be the only sunny day,, So lets hope we get some turf action as we have a nice competitive race going a mile on the grass in race 8.  I like #1 Lakeside Chapel (6-1).  Was scratched out of a race last Sunday by Trainer Alexander and pointed towards  more suitable race.  Should appreciate the distance added and retains hot Jockey Maragh. the play 20$ Win Place (total 40), and 1$ trifecta box (1-7-9-4) (24$) goodluck,, and come again to see the daily pics taken from the Saratoga Race Course

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slopfest Monday Play at the Spa

5$ grandsalami play,, its gonna be wet and messy,, so lets hunt some bombs,, and dry off at the irs window

race5)  #6 Devilish Humor
race6)  #11 muse of fire
race7) #2 dominent Currency
race 8)      all

cost 30 $

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sword dancing at the spa this Saturday

Going to play a grand slam tomorrow in Saratoga starting in race 7. Taking #10 dullahan who has two consistent races already under his belt. In R8. I'm using #2 karakorum legend who has run some of his better races at Saratoga in race 9 I'll single the #3 power blast who exhibits great speed for the high percentage barn of linda rice. Before hitting the all button in the sword dancer race 10

4$ grand slam

R7) 10
R8) 2
R9) 3
R10) all

Cost 32$. Good luck

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apart Rocking The Mohawk

Tubular Descent scoarches the field

toga toga toga .......

8-9-11       Three weeks in the books,, more monster payouts, and big names getting there chance to shine as the saratoga racing season continues to excite on through...Tubular Descent,, Tizway, Sean Avery are among some of the studs that were fortunate to visit the winner circle this past weekend...

Monday, August 1, 2011

play of the day at saratoga

                                                                                                                                                                                r5  2

grand salami play at the spa

r6   1
r7   5
                                                                                    r8 all

4$ grandslam,,, 28$ total  good luck

Sidney's Candy after romping in the fourstardave

Friday, July 29, 2011

top of the stretch pic of the week nominee

Today in saratoga is the first Twilight of the season, with having live music and it being college day at the track it should be a good set up for another memorable day in the historic town of Saratoga NY.        -Chris

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wednesday action at the spa , late pick four

Keying good ole winter memories #4 in the 8

R7- 5-9
R8- 4
R9- 8-2-5-11
R10- 1-3-7-6-4

1$ pick 4. 40$. Goodluck

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The crazy hat day play today at saratoga is....

Win place on #5 brilliant future (6-1) Bounce in his last race which is giving us some value here. Can still improve which makes him a serious contender in here today... Good luck 20$ win place

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The time is here and it will hot as balls.......SARATOGA BITCHES!!!

Its appox. 11pm the night before Christmas, I mean Opening Day.  Got channel 12 on, dog in the lap, and the form spread out mapping out our bets pre-scratches.  Race 1 I like #1 Fizzano 5-1, #4 Rocky World 6-1, #6 Dual Citizen ML 10-1 (we are betting the farm on this mofo) and #7 Gambling Fever ML 7-2.  Box em' or wheel em' up.  Hitting the 1st race on Opening Day, nothing better.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Saratoga Fever

It's been a long 11 months since being at the spa and seeing boys at tosconova win the Saratoga hopeful for 2yos.. And now a week from today the much long awaited Saratoga race track will reopen it's gates.check out the link for all the upcoming events and dates. See you all at the top of the stretch.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tizway all the Way!!!

How about the impressive run from the outside 11 post for tizway in yesterdays met mile at belmont.. Maragh took this impressive looking colt to the lead early to make up for the outside draw, and never looked back as he clocked impressive fractions capturing the win in an amazing 1:32.90.  H. James Bond gets the earning for his 6 yo son of tiznow.  Rodman came up late for second at odds of 35-1

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sinner is back at the Big M

MTH Clm 5000b 6F Main Track No Sex Restriction 3yo+ Thoroughbred
Daily Double / Exacta / Trifecta / $0.10 Superfecta / $0.50 Pick 4
Predictions for Good Main Track
#Horse NameOur RankWinPlaceShow
6SARATOGA SINNER1$18.00$10.00$5.60
8ST. GALO8 $15.40$9.00
10BOY G.7  $2.80
Wager Type $2 PayoffPool
Daily Double3/6$163.80$38,757.00
+Show Race Details