Monday, October 31, 2011

Breeders cup prelude

Fridays Breeders Cup early leans

Race 1)Our Rock Star, Grand Traverse

Race 2)Congo, Bonaroo

Race 3) Equestrio, Mister Marti Gras

Race 4) Wine Police, Free Entry

Race 5)Blacky the Bull, Vextor

Race 6)Dayatthespa, Sweet Cat

Race 7) Turbulent Decsent, Shotgun Gulch

Race 8) wemissfrankie, my miss aurileia

Race 9) Announce, Stacelita

Race 10) Plum Pretty, Royal Delta

Race 11)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Opening Day at Churchill On Wednesday

Took a look at the program for Wednesday at Churchill Downs and couldn't help to notice a horse In race 7 at 12-1. The #2 Bobby S Supports two local bullet works and has a nice favorable post in this 6 furlong Jaunt. His lone career start featured 2 next out winners, and that race should have served him purpose as marked improvent is expected. 20$ win place show

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fridays Chrystals Ball

Race 5
Turf: #6 Tu si Puzzo ML 8-1
Alternate: #7 Same ole Wish ML 7/2

Race 6
Dirt: #2 Sweet away ML 20/1
Alternate: #1 Di colas officer ML 7/2

Race 7
Turf: #3 JW Blue ML 6/1
Alternate: #1 Skyblazer ML 12/1

Race 8

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hump Day Play at Belmont

Race 5
Turf: #6 Rodinia ML 5-1
Alternate: #2 Sparks will fly ML 5/2

Race 6
Dirt: #8 Rockstar Royality ML 6/1
Alternate: #5 Sky Hoysoya ML 7/2

Race 7
Turf: #1 Chessrate 15/1
Alternate: #3 Tiana ML 4/1

Race 8

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fridays Happy Hour Play

Race 5
Turf: #9 Strong Impact ML 7/2
Alternate: #1 Isntlovegrand ML 10/1

Race 6
Turf: #1/1a Lady Vi/ Nurse Dolce ML 12/1
Alternate: #5 Karakorum Elektra ML 5/2

Race 7
Turf: #1 Persky's Heart 30/1
Alternate: #4 She drives me wild ML 4/1

Race 8

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wish we posted Sunday's play

I took a shot Sunday and stroked the biggest Grandslam that I've ever seen been a part of, cashing a whopping 1,575.00 $$$ !!!! Here's how I did it. In the first leg i decided to go against all odds and play a 3rd time starter #1 Ready Signal, who really hasn't showed much beyer wise, What he did have though was tremendous value as he kicked off at 35-1, and ended up winning the race paying 75$ TO WIN. The horse however did have troubled trips in both of his starts and flashed a bid turning for home in his last before finding himself behing a wall of horses. This was the ultimate key in my wager as the second and third place finishers in this race were also at big odds. This esentially elimminated two thirds of all grandslam tickets that were made that day.

In the second leg I took the heavy chalk #8 Notella (8/5) who easily placed. The other thing that benefited me in this leg is there was another 75.00$ winner and another good odds horse that showed. Meaning that even more tickets were eliminated despite having the bandwagon horse being in the money.

The third leg was basic as two chalks finished in the money, and luckily i had one of them.

The Final leg I had hit the All button as usual and was hoping for a bomb. I loved the #7 Bad Debt (8-1) as a had him to win as my back up wager. Who did actually won the race as a 18$ winner. The funny thing is that i didnt even watch any of these races as i was out at the bar watching the football games. I was checking results on my droid and finally got the call from my brother in law about my pay day. I'll never forget that feeeling i got on that say :) ... pozz

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belmont Race 5 Grandslam Template Race 6

$5 Grandslam Template

Race 6 
Turf: #4 Mystic Mama ML 7/2
Alternate: #2 Caps Lady ML 6/1

Dirt: Street #11 Savy ML 5/2
Alternate: #12 Lady Cohiba ML 3/1

Race 7
Turf: #2 Withalittlebit ML 4/1
Alternate: #6 Willfully ML 10/1

Dirt: #11 My Unbridled Storm ML 5/1
Alternate: #7 Nobu Baby ML 12/1

Race 8
#5 Primal Baby ML 6/1
Alternate: #2 Red Hot Baby ML 15/1

Race 9
Turf:  ALL
Dirt:  ALL

Cost: $45 (assumes 9 horse field)

Side Bet Race 8
$15 WPS #5 Primal Baby.....Englehart has numbers with horses off long layoffs, 2 bullet works over the Belmont dirt, and exits a race which produced multiple winners next out
$10 SHOW #2 Red Hot Baby

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Saturday at Keenland


Race 9
(Grade 1) Features 3yo phillies going 1 mile 1/8 one the turf, in the renewal of the QUEII cup for 400,000. Brilliant philly Winter Memories (9/5)who is coming off one of her best performances seeks another big late kick rally and Grade one win. Were Putting 50$ to win on this ole girl as she is in top form and has become one of favorite horses to route for.

Race 6
#3 Relinquere (12-1) Sports two local bullets and attracts hot rider Prado for his second career start. Like this colt to grab the lead early and wire this group here today. 20$ WPS


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Belmont play

4$ Grandslam Template

Race 5
#3 Synthesizer Ml 3-1
Alternate: #6 Imageof Disco ML 6-1

Race 6
#1/1A Those loin eyes/ Lady VI ML 3-1
Alternate; #8 Stellaluce 8-1 ML

Race 7
#9 Zaahy ML 8-1
Alternate: #1 dax ML 8-1

Race 8

leave the back door open with a 1$ all bombs play
r5-#8 american Buffalo 8-1
r6 #3 for the love of anna 15-1
r7 #10 Skinny peter 5-1
r8 all

good luck

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keenland Play

the woodford

Keenland race 5 looks like to have good payout potential. 5 1/2 furlong turf sprint

simply boxin 3-7-10-4-2 2$ trifecta for 120$ Goodluck

Belemont play Race 2 #4 Windfall 20$ win place

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday's play

Hopefully they can get back on the grass

4$ Grandslam Template

Race 5
#5 Sky Fever Ml 6-1
Alternate: #8 Gin Cat ML 3-1

Race 6
#7 Lime Zest ML 7-1
Alternate; #3 Greely's Law 5-1 ML

Race 7
#1/1a Liston/Bakhoor ML 12-1
Alternate: #9 Dynafortwo ML 5-1

Race 8
Alternate: NONE
* separate wager singling #8 Foralltheglory Ml 8-1 in Race 8 5$ grandslam


Today's Grandslam Paid 650$

Didn't get a chance to post our Play this morning after having a computer situation. Wish we have, I personally did it for a 1$ wager and got half of 650.00!! :) The sunny day at Belmont still had its races taken off the turf, and saw many scratches throughout the card. so it looked as if the Grandslam would be chalky leading up to a low payout. However come race 6 the second leg of the wager, the heavy favorite failed to finish in the money, which cut out alot of tickets. Then in r8 (the last leg)tudor King came rolling down the lane at big odds giving the grandslam it;s big pay out.

Keenland Getting Ready to open Friday, stay tuned for Grand opening play