Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wish we posted Sunday's play

I took a shot Sunday and stroked the biggest Grandslam that I've ever seen been a part of, cashing a whopping 1,575.00 $$$ !!!! Here's how I did it. In the first leg i decided to go against all odds and play a 3rd time starter #1 Ready Signal, who really hasn't showed much beyer wise, What he did have though was tremendous value as he kicked off at 35-1, and ended up winning the race paying 75$ TO WIN. The horse however did have troubled trips in both of his starts and flashed a bid turning for home in his last before finding himself behing a wall of horses. This was the ultimate key in my wager as the second and third place finishers in this race were also at big odds. This esentially elimminated two thirds of all grandslam tickets that were made that day.

In the second leg I took the heavy chalk #8 Notella (8/5) who easily placed. The other thing that benefited me in this leg is there was another 75.00$ winner and another good odds horse that showed. Meaning that even more tickets were eliminated despite having the bandwagon horse being in the money.

The third leg was basic as two chalks finished in the money, and luckily i had one of them.

The Final leg I had hit the All button as usual and was hoping for a bomb. I loved the #7 Bad Debt (8-1) as a had him to win as my back up wager. Who did actually won the race as a 18$ winner. The funny thing is that i didnt even watch any of these races as i was out at the bar watching the football games. I was checking results on my droid and finally got the call from my brother in law about my pay day. I'll never forget that feeeling i got on that say :) ... pozz

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