Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belmont Race Five All Turf Grandslam Template

Fun little bet my running  buddy slash brother in law got me into this spring, the grandslam.  Pick a horse to be in the money (win or place or show) in the first 3 legs of the bet and hit the grandslam in the final, i.e pick the winner in the final leg.  Payouts can vary from dismal to cha ching.  Our strategy has been to go semi chalk to mid range odds in the 1st three legs and hit the ALL button in the 4th leg, praying for a BOMB to take it home.  We would also do a 2nd ticket with a majority of the wager with long odds horses and leaving the projected heavy favorite out in the final leg but only do it for a $1 payout ticket.  Our best hit came at the end of the spring Belmont meet when Hooligans Delight hit the grandslam at 25 to 1 and cashed us $500 ticket and also a few at Toga that paid in the low $200's.  Overall its an inexpensive bet that is tons of fun. BEN

Race 5: #7 Wholelottashakin ML 7/2
Race 6: #7 Magnificent Moon ML 6/1
Race 7: #8 Gathering Cloud ML 7/2
Race 8: ALL
Cost: $20

Race 5: #4 Court of Dreams ML 10/1
Race 6: #4 Rugged Rascal ML 20/1
Race 7: #5 Unaccountable ML 9/2
Race 8: ALL but #8 Cookram Rock ML 8/5
Cost: $9